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Etsy, Inc. operates a marketplace to make, sell, and buy goods online and offline worldwide. The company through its technology-based platform connects a community of sellers and buyers. Etsy sellers offer goods in various online retail categories, including jewelry, stationery, clothing, home goods, craft supplies, and vintage items. The company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods.Together with our members and shareholders, we are building a human, authentic and community-centric global and local marketplace. We believe the power of business can create a better world — one that is more people-centered, community-focused and joyful. 

SECTOR: Online - Retail










Etsy is part of an interdependent ecosystem that includes our employees, our neighbors, our members and partners, and this amazing planet we all call home. Our mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world. more


Financial: 2015 Revenues $273 million


Environmental: Over the past two years, we’ve established a system to measure and reduce our ecological impact, including engaging our marketplace and suppliers and sharing openly with our peers. In 2014 we created the Etsy Sustainability Commission (ESC), in an effort to further accelerate and broaden the scope of our sustainability work. From engineering and marketing to technical operations and facilities, the group includes more than 9% of all Etsy employees. The ESC is dedicated to developing a comprehensive sustainability strategy for our company, including setting specific targets and timelines. As the work of the ESC progresses, we will make these targets and related strategies public. The ESC contextualizes our work in these categories: Carbon Neutral, Zero Waste, Mindful Materials, and Sustainable Work. This ambitious scope highlights our desire to grow and scale our impact by expanding the areas we measure and take action on in the future. In the coming year we will be sharing specific goals in these areas, so stay tuned".

Social: There are over 1.4 million sellers in our global seller community. • $1.93 billion gross merchandise sales in 2014. That is a 43% increase from 2013!• For 30% of Etsy entrepreneurs, selling creative goods is their sole occupation.• 44% use earnings from their creative businesses to cover household expenses and • 25% contribute to savings Etsy sellers identify as small business owners. • 76% consider their Etsy shops businesses. "Our Seller Development team offers a variety of online educational programming for shop owners throughout their journeys on Etsy, ranging from tips on creating a great product listing to advice on hiring and managing employees. Our 2014 Holiday Boot Camp email series reached roughly 90,000 sellers around the world, helping them optimize their shops for the Etsy shopping season. We delivered the Etsy Success Newsletter to more than 600,000 sellers twice a week, serving up business tips and inspiration straight to their inboxes. We relaunched our regular Online Labs educational series, which consists of live webinars featuring lessons and Q&A sessions. More than 200 shop owners provided advice, support, and inspiration to fellow sellers through Seller Handbook articles".

Corporate Governance: "Etsy's management and board are guided by our mission and core values. They recognize that the long-term interests of stockholders are advanced by responsibly addressing the concerns of Etsy's global community, the localities we serve, and the public and planet at large".


Gender Diversity: 2 of 6 senior management are women, 2 of 6 board members are represented by women.


Sustainable Sector: Yes. Supports artisans in developing countries.


CSRHUB Rating: 62 Higher than average rating


Glassdoor: 4.1 high employee satisfaction


The Street: Sell D+ Rating


Morningstar: No


B Corporation: 127,  1 of only 2 public company B Corps


CSR Report: Detailed for a small cap company


GRI Standard: No

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