We cover the spectrum of the values based investing markets.

The values based investing markets are growing, are you involved?

We support a growing stakeholder community that is very engaged and dedicated. Our members include some of the most influential leaders within the values based investing ecosystem. 

Retail Investors
Public Companies
CDFI's & CDE's
Foundations & Family Offices
Financial Advisors & Asset Managers
Non Profits
Investor Relations Professionals
Mi4 will provide investors with access to a world of values based investments.
Mi4 provides comprehensive market data coverage for the growing values based (VBI) investment sectors. We create exposure and awareness for select organizations enabling investors to more effectively identify, research and engage with socially responsible companies and asset managers.  
Initial Mi4 Values Based Investment Data Coverage

SRI Mutual Funds & ETF's


ESG Pubic Equity

ESG Public Debt

Negative Screening

Low Carbon Investing

Shareholder Advocacy

Gender Lens Investing

Renewable Energy Conservation Finance

Sustainable Agriculture

Food Systems

Affordable Housing

Green Real Estate


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