We provide data that helps investors choose the 
companies and funds that match their personal values.

Michael Van Patten, Founder & Chief Executive Officer Michael is recognized as an impact investing markets early innovator and pioneer. He has extensive experience in capital markets and financial technology. In 2015 Michael was recognized for his work by being included in the "Real Leaders" magazine special edition "100 Visionary Leaders". Prior to my4 Michael founded Mission Markets in 2008 which was an impact investing broker and online private capital marketplace.


Michael's background is in the investment banking & trading industry where he worked for over 20 years as an institutional salesman for firms such as Lehman Bros, Bear Stearns and as a partner at Allen Capital Markets. 

Tom Saleh, Chairman, Acting Chief Technology & Data Officer - Tom is in charge of my4 back end technology development and oversees our technology and data team in Hyderabad, India. Tom has been a leading entrepreneur in the computer and financial data industry for more than three decades, during which time he has founded seven successful high-technology companies, and influenced the success of several more.  


Larry Rafsky, Chief Digital Officer - Larry directs the team's use of both statistical models and modern machine learning techniques. Larry oversees construction of the large datasets my4 uses to score companies.  A co-founder of Acquire Media, Larry led development of several widely-used software systems (FAME, IDD Plus, Dow Vision Web and NewsTrade among others). Larry won the Theory and Methods Awards from the Journal of the American Statistical Association and is the co-inventor of the Friedman-Rafsky multivariate test. He holds ten granted U.S. patents and has been published in top academic journals. Larry has an A.B. summa cum laude in Statistics from Princeton and a Ph.D. in Statistics from Yale. Prior to Acquire Media, Larry worked at Bell Labs, Chase Manhattan, ADP, Citigroup, Dow Jones, and WavePhore.

We have a team of skilled software developers located in India.
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We have experience creating and applying technology to sustainable and impact investing, capital markets and financial data.